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Mexico - Te Quiero

Bienvenidos! Mexico holds a special place in my heart. The raw, authentic culture sets me on fire! From the food to the music, to the warm spirited people, and the beautiful landscape. Mexico breeds fun! people go here to have fun, and to let loose! Ive been a few times before, and always prefer the off the beaten path, renting a house sort of vacation. This time was with my boyfriend, my sister and her husband, all of whom had never been to Mexico before, and all of whom are amazing friends! We set off to Puerto Vallarta, and found hotels in the old town, also known as the Romantic zone! This place oozed culture, what some might call a dirty street, i call raw authentic, and i loved it! Mexico is a place of never ending wandering, constant sunshine, and the amazing ability to find a perfect place to sit on the beach and sip beer and Margaritas all day. When beers as cheap as water, you find yourself in a tipsy haze most days, and its lovely. We made it our quest to dine into the most divey of joints, and with each new place we found the best food we’d tasted. The flavour is astounding, and the price is ridiculously cheap! We did a few typical boaty things, but this wandering in search of food, was our most favorite. I can still pick out my favorite of places, nestled into a random tiny street, with the bar stool seating, and the best fajitas on earth.

Our trip was one to be remembered forever. A week of bonding, exploring, and taking some beautiful pictures!

Buenas Noches!

A good friend Hawaii

My Quickie Vacations to Hawaii always leave me so refreshed and energized.

That first glimpse of the sun sparkling blue water and its magnificent waves, the smell of the sweet fruity air, the first moment of my toes in the sand, and that unforgettable relaxing moment when i lay back and listen to the waves and remember: i am in Hawaii!

But as it all must end, i hold on to those beautiful moments. Those remnants of salt and sand on my body and in my hair. The bitey kiss the sun has left across my cheeks. And the smell of coconut that still lingers around me like a fluffy cloud of tropical fragrance.

oh Hawaii, i bid you adieu

Feta Cheese and Olives

AHHHHHH finally a break from reality in form of a 3 week vacation, *sigh*

Back to England, back to my lovely boyfriend, then off to Cyprus for some romance and sunshine. England is wonderful to me. Though its raining more than usual, maybe foggy, and cloudy and wet and not so bright out, these things keep me intrigued. I walk down the, what Simon might call just a boring neighborhood, and i feel as though im in some movie or tv set. Like Ive just walked onto the set of Coronation Street, and i love it!
The people in Exeter, where i spend most of my time, are LOVELY. Simons friends are such a vivacious kind of fun, spunky and hyper, with a wonderful sense of humour. I really laugh so much while there my tummy is all kinds of hurting. Theres such a wonderful modesty to clubbing as well. And by that i mean you get these fun people, craving a good night out with good friends, so they dress as they will ( which naturally is trendy, we ARE in England) and they find a familiar watering hole, they have a good laugh, and then they scoot off to some place where they can break it down English style. A side note, guys love dancing here, its amazing! Ok, the clubs: trendy dressed, fun loving, drunk and dancing and not one sense of cheesy or sickly sluttyness( like you find pretty much everywhere here in calgary) plus did i mention the music is always GOOD! this is reason enough for me to love the ways of an English night out, you can always count on good music. end.

We then hopped on a plane to a little place called Pathos, Cyprus! We got in at night, so it wasn’t until we woke up and went out onto the balcony that we truly, or at least I, had the first glimpse of the Mediterranean! it was gorgeous! The white washed color of all the buildings, the blue blue ocean, the cloudless sky, and that wonderful innate feeling that - i am far far away from home! This place was beautiful we were staying at, a friend of simons flat. So we had our own little home for a week, our own little kitchen to cook all our own food! Now we were a little bit of a hike to get really anywhere, long walks plus bus rides, but its all of this that makes you feel like your living there, and makes you at the end of your trip feel as if you now know this place! We took beautiful pictures, we swam at the gorgeous beaches, we walked about the old and new parts of town, we tasted local delights, and created our own delights, we baked in the sun, and walked in the shade, we slept in for the sunrises, but watched every sunset in awe. All in all we tasted life in Cyprus and loved it.

I still dream about the Olives and Feta cheese!

My Definition is my Inspriration

Vegabond as described in the yahoo dictionary, as well as most any dictionary states the following:  

VEGABOND: Noun: A person without a permanent home who moves from place to place.
A wanderer; a rover. Adjective: characteristic of a wanderer; nomadic. Aimless; drifting. Irregular in course or behavior; unpredictable. intr.v. vag·a·bond·ed , vag·a·bond·ing , vag·a·bonds

To lead the life of a vagabond; roam about   

 Most importantly to me, is the last bit: “to lead the life of a vegabond; roam about”. the most beautifully simple statement, but one of which profoundly moves me. The idea of permanently wandering the earth may not appeal to every soul on earth, but if compared to the definition of traveller, the worlds seem very alike. I myself wish to be a vegabond forever, to the ends of the earth, maybe not consistently moving my home from place to place, but when in a new place, sinking in as if it IS home. And allowing myself to be a child of the earth, taking in life, experiencing everywhere tucked away in the tiniest corner of this vast expansion. 

Secondly: the ME part of the title, Vegabond Me, is referring to the chances you have to be a vegabond out of the regular daily routine. You need a break? Vegabond yourself…. and so i say to the world, and to myself whenever it need be: Vegabond Me!

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