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A Canadian visit….

Since moving to the UK this was my first visit back home for my twin sisters wedding, and what could be a better time to visit than August. When flying in we were confused by the hazy sky, thinking it was cloudy i got a bit bummed, this wasn’t the summer i was expecting. But sure enough our hazy sky was only remnants of a forest fire from our neighbors to the left, B.C. The day was HOT and dry and everything that i could have wanted, and only 11am! This trip to Canada is going to be 3 weeks of summer, as i wasn’t getting much heat on the little island of England this year!

The trip was everything i wanted and more, with one memorable trip into the mountains, thankfully shared by the newlyweds. We stayed in one of our families cabins, in Fairmont B.C. Nestled in the woods, on the side of a mountain, and just far enough away from people so that we felt like we were on an adventure. The air was dry, the sun was warm, and when it did rain, it had this wonderful way of making everything look so damn green! We felt like mountainous people!

Among all the trekking about through the wilderness, my most memorable was our day in search of the natural hot springs. After climbing up a mountain, and through a crowded camp ground, we found our trail, the long path that would lead us to what we were looking for. Alas we found our grand waterfall! We disrobed, and went for a dip into the crystal clear warm wondrous waters. There’s nothing quite like finding something special like this in nature, a private pool party away from the world. I will go back one day, i promised it.

3 weeks flew by, i gave my goodbye’s once again to my beautiful home and headed back over to my other adventure, England.

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