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A surprise trip to Dublin, what could be nicer on a random spring weekend! just a quick flight and we’re in  The land of Leprechauns, Shamrocks, Rainbows, and pots of gold…. just kidding! But it is the land of Guinness, and i intended to feast on pint after pint of the sweet national nectar! We roamed the old streets of Dublin, and were surrounded with Irish charm, that and other tourists But alas, we found our solitude in sweet little pubs, serving up our one and only. Guinness in Dublin… what could be more sweet. And how is it so, that it tastes so much better? Another national favorite: Irish Stew! Cozy in a small pub, keeping warm, indulging on the finest of stews, with the heartiest of breads, and the most divine pint money can buy. We walked along old and new streets, saw museums, castles, the canal and city parks, in the rain, the sun, and under the stars.

Oscar Wilde loved it here, and i now understand why.

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