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A weekend of Camping

 A packed up car and 2 people geared up for a weekend away, and like that we set off to North Devon and beyond!! North Devon is home to some of the most beautiful beaches Ive seen, and far better than i had ever imagined! big beaches full of gold soft sand, and though the water is bit cold, the sun was out and scorching!

We stopped in lots of random spots, taste testing the different types of ice cream of course. All the while keeping in mind that we needed to find a camp site to stay the night. In and out of the car, stopping here and there. taking loads of pictures and having so much fun…. we realized the sun is starting to set, and we hadn’t yet found a campsite that we felt good about. So off a country road, and into the thick of the unknown until we found a field, with the perfect amount of space for the car, and our tent…Voila, our campsite, our not so luxurious bed for the night. We cooked our little dinner of sausages, and half expected to be confronted with the farmer of this land telling us to leave. As the night grew darker, we felt more comfortable in out little spot, and layed our heads for a nights sleep. We awoke to sunshine, and no sign of other people, so in a haste we packed up and headed out to continue the adventure, and find a place to eat breakfast. Roughing it, apparently we do it good! We stopped and played in the sand dunes, which i had never known existed, it took me back to New Zealand in a weird deja vu sort of way. Where these dunes are, is where American soldiers had conditioned for the war, and again I’m reminded of the huge amount of history that every inch of this country holds!

We Eventually find a beach, and were officially in Cornwall! This place too is postcard worthy, every inch of it. We continued south after our stop, and ended in Tintagel, the birth place of King Arthur! where i learnt that he is more than just a Disney character, who would have thought? I devoured a genuine Cornish Pasty and reveled in this little towns history. A castle in ruins on the edge of a cliff, a place for kings and knights so I’m told.

Ive seen so much, and with just a short drive home.

Camping trip success!

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