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Pond Hop!

Dearest friends, i have taken the plunge and moved across the ocean to England to live with my beautiful Boyfriend! The decision to do this was no harder than than wondering whether or not to brush my hair, of course I’m going to! The magical experience that this will be, and already is, is astounding. To live a day to day life here will be an adventure like no other! I’m so excited to travel every inch of this country, and to take advantage of being neighbors with Europe! Be prepared to see a tour of all things, and ill try my best to get them all up here. As it stands I’ve got a 2 year work visa, so I’m just rolling with it, and letting the wind take me where i need to be! Ive settled into Exeter nicely with Simon, and found a lovely salon to work at! So now that’s good, ill be setting out whenever possible to explore, explore, explore!

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